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The Fertility-Ready Roadmap

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Your ultimate

fertility optimization


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Supercharge your fertility!

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Reduce Chances of Miscarriage!

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Feel Incredible Your Entire Pregnancy!

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Prevent Morning Sickness


Postpartum Misery!

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lab testing

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Herbal supplement

custom prenatal

formulated for YOUR

body’s needs

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step-by-step roadmap and an expert to guide you!

Designed for YOU...

Romantic Couple in Love’re planning to conceive soon and want the best possible experience for you and your baby.

Sad stressed couple with pregnancy test sitting at home’ve been trying for a while. You don’t know what’s standing in the way of pregnancy and you’re eager to boost your fertility NOW!

Business Woman Walking want to be proactive and pave a smooth path to pregnancy for when Baby Daddy enters the scene.

Couple Visiting Doctor at Family Planning Clinic want to optimize egg quality and significantly increase pregnancy success with IVF.

Mom and Son

... your previous pregnancy was HARRRD. You want another baby AND an enjoyable pregnancy and postnatal experience.

Inside the Program...


We're thrilled to offer you the game-changing secret weapon. The renowned Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) functional lab test is part of the program offering!! Unveil important details about your hormone and thyroid function, metabolic rate, mineral balance, and other potential health and fertility hurdles like toxic heavy metal burden. The HTMA helps us unravel mysteries that have the potential to hold you back from your health and conception dreams.


The unrivaled differentiator that further sets the Fertility-Ready Roadmap apart from the rest! Your metabolic needs are unique so your multi vitamin and prenatal should be too! We craft a custom formula just for you based on comprehensive data from your HTMA results. Strengthen your thyroid, balance your hormones, and stabilize your metabolism while also detoxing from fertility-blocking heavy metals. We target your specific needs –setting the stage for optimal fertility!

1:1 SUPPORT WITH A FERTILITY EXPERT During your private lab review session, your Fertility Practitioner will walk you through your body’s metabolic strengths, weaknesses, and heavy metal burden. But that's not all! Your lab results also help to tailor and customize your program experience to meet your specific physiological needs. This enlightening session will leave you feeling optimistic and confident, armed with all you need to kick-start your fertility journey into high gear.


For 12 weeks you are delivered modules with expertly curated program materials and research-backed education that conventional medicine does not offer. Each week builds on the last, empowering you with new understandings and fertility best-practices to implement with ease. This transformational journey will teach you how to overcome and avoid health challenges that commonly stand in the way of pregnancy.

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Hey there,


I’m Terra!

As as a Functional Fertility Practitioner and a Holistic Fertility Preparation Coach I have dedicated my career to helping couples grow their family naturally. I am the creator of the Fertility-Ready Roadmap Program, the author of Before the Bump Supplement Guidebook, and the Founder of The Fertility Movement -- where we declare "the future is family".

It is my tremendous honor to be a part of your journey.

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Terra Vitiello


Our Mission

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At TFM, it is our mission to serve your family by helping you to supercharge your health, fertility, and most importantly, the health and vitality of your children yet to be conceived.

The impact of fertility preparation goes beyond individuals—it transforms the destiny of families and impacts health for generations to come.

The future is family.

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Are you a practitioner using HTMA with your clients?

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Schedule your 30-minute practitioner-to-practitioner HTMA clinical consult here

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